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luxKIT, our new linear modular LED system, is extremely easy to install and can be repaired. It is also economical and can be ordered online at any time.

The benefits speak for themselves.

A new kind of simplicity.

Our new app!

For simplified planning and ordering.

Conveniently plan your lighting project using our new app. Our digital solution is easy to use, saves time and internal costs and allows you to order the required components directly online.

Download of the app available soon!

Order a luxKIT test package worth EUR 50.00
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You can test our world debut with the following components:

  • luxKIT aluminium profile
  • luxKIT LED module
  • luxKIT feeder and connector
  • 48Vmains adaptor

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    luxKIT simply explained

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    Our answers to your FAQs regarding luxKIT.

    You only need tools to attach the aluminium profile (ideally a cordless screwdriver / drill), as well as scissors to trim the cable duct and large wire cutters to cut the LED module and cover to length. Everything else can be clicked into place without any soldering, crimping, etc.

    Currently, we offer the 1920 profile for attachments and the 1920G for plaster installation. Other profile shapes / dimensions will follow.

    The LED modules are always identical for every outer profile.

    The LED modules are currently available in 827, 830 and 840 (830 = 3000K with CRI>80). CRI90 modules will follow.

    The LED modules require 48V DC. Smarterion offers a suitable converter range with TRIAC or DALI / PUSH dimming.

    The LED modules can be clicked into place. Simply remove the broken module from the profile and click the replacement module in.

    The connector has a DIP switch that can be used to adjust the output to 7 W/m, 15 W/m or 23 W/m.

    The connector accommodates wires of between 0.75mm2 and 1.5mm2. A 2-pin cable is required.

    The module can be cut at 60mm intervals. To ensure there are no shadows, the integrated LED connector is designed to be infinitely adjustable, ensuring that every length and every connection are perfectly illuminated.

    The cover is supplied as a roll and can be easily clicked into the profile as it unrolls (just like a Tipp-Ex or adhesive roller).

    All straight line geometries are possible, such as a rectangle, U-shape and L-shape. Corners don’t need to be 90; they can be any angle. There is currently a flexible electric corner connector, with a T- and X-connector to follow.

    The app allows you to conveniently plot lighting on a floor plan or photo and automatically works out which components are required. A Bosch laser can be linked to the app to make it easier to measure lengths. The required components can be automatically transmitted to a wholesale online shop, where they can instantly be ordered.

    The app is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems (tablet or smartphone). To place an order with a wholesaler, you need to have a user account in their online shop.